Information Design

COHO - Transitional Housing Community


Winner of the £1000  Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Award as part of RSA Student Design Awards 2019/20.

Brief 07: How might we enable households and families to be more economically secure?

Alina, Gracia, and Johyun impressed the panel with their approach to the brief, tackling an important inequality and working within the system of government and society to do so — a very strong presentation, with an incredible amount of rigour – RSA, 2020

Project Summary
Admission & Education Framework
User Flow
Building Layout
How COHO Works
Project Timeline

Group Members: Alina Toh, Gracia Goh, Moon Jo-hyun

吃了吗?Eat Already?


A thought-provoking infographic and interactive poster to reflect on the impacts of food wastage in our daily lives, stemming from the cultural value of food in Singapore.

Food Wastage Infographic
Interactive Poster Mock-Up

Process Journal

Process Journal

Rate of Utilisation of Outdoor Facilities in Jurong West

Conducting ground research on the rate of utilisation of outdoor facilities in Jurong West, then translating data into visuals through data visualisation tools like Tableau and p5.js.

View my app prototype here.

Cover Sleeve
Cover Map

Process Journal

Process Journal

Group Members: Alina Toh, Oh Xing Yee, Hang Ngoc Tran