Craft and Material Explorations

Calico Manipulation

Calico Paintbrush

We were assigned an object and had to strip away its normal use and contradict its logic to create the absurd. My object is a paintbrush and it is constructed using calico, metal wires, and cotton stuffing. The handle and ferrule are made exact to a paintbrush to ensure the overall form is not distorted. This is done by cutting two pieces of calico shaped like a paintbrush and machine-sewing them together. Thereafter, they are turned inside-out and filled with cotton stuffings. The tight stitching and firm stuffing ensure the handle and ferrule has a stable structure. The bristles are constructed with metal wires wrapped in pieces of calico. It is wrapped in calico to ensure that it appears soft, yet ironically it is the toughest part of my paintbrush, which is completely opposite of a regular paintbrush. The wires are so stiff and thick, it is impossible to get a smooth brush stroke. The extended length of the bristles and the addition of the dual-edged paintbrush further reinforces the idea of absurdity in this paintbrush. With two paintbrushes connected by their bristles, it is impossible to paint with it like a regular paintbrush.

Calico Exploration

Manipulating a piece of calico using various techniques such as smocking, pleating, patchwork and stuffing.

Calico Paintbrush (i)
Calico Paintbrush (ii)
Calico Paintbrush (iii)
Calico Paintbrush (iv)
Calico Exploration (iv)
Calico Exploration (i)
Calico Exploration (ii)
Calico Exploration (iii)

Linocut & Print

The beauty of lino print lies in the little imperfections we intentionally leave when carving, and the space for accidental mistakes when it comes to printing.

The theme for this print is "Nostalgic Singapore". This strategic composition of individual elements like Tiger balm, peranakan tiles, metal rustic gates and a black-naped oriole form a picture of Singapore since her young days.

Linocut Process
Linocut Finish Product